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So HBO has begun casting for GoT, which will begin shooting the pilot in Ireland this winter. Considering that it will require a budget as large, if not larger, than Rome and is in a medieval fantasy setting... the pilot needs to be amazingly awesome. The casting is a good sign that it will be done well.

Sean Bean - Eddard Stark
Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister
Mark Addy - Robert Baratheon
Kit Harrington - Jon Snow
Harry Lloyd - Viserys Targaryen
Jack Gleeson - Joffrey Lannister
Gillian Anderson - Catelyn Stark (Rumored)

Dinklage and Bean are perfect. Like... omg.

Addy isn't what I imagined Robert looking like AT ALL. However, slap a beard on him and give him long regal hair, and it could work I suppose. After all, he was supposed to have gotten rather fat after taking the throne. However, the way someone looks when they were in shape and then got fat is quite different than someone is just fat. Addy is just fat. Also, Addy his kind of a higher pitched nasal voice. Robert should have a deep booming voice. Like an angry Santa. So I'm dubious. Besides, I always imagined Robert looking and sounding like Brian Blessed (Link).

I can't find a bio of Kit, but George R R Martin is quite excited about him and having seen a photo of him I think he's got the right look.

Lloyd has the right sort of look for Viserys, though wasn't his hair silver? I'm pretty sure he was. We'll see if he can do the utter insanity of Viserys. That's more important.

The only thing I saw Gleeson in was Batman Begins and that was 4 years ago. So I have no idea how he'll fare as Joffrey.

Now they need to find Jaime and Cersi Lannister. They'll be key casting choices, though the toughest choice for casting will definitely be The Hound and The Mountain That Rides. I'm guessing they're going to be stuck with people from the WWE.

Frankly, I think this series would be perfect if they cast Jason Issacs as Tywin. But that's just me.

Here's George R R Martin's reaction to the casting.

Anyway... that's enough nerd for right now. I'm going to walk Melissa to her test.

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you are SUCH a nerd. <3 you.


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