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Dunno if you guys care (I know I'd probably be all "huh... it's a ring" if it wasn't the one that I put on Melissa's finger) but here's the ring. :)

It looks good on her. :D

I'm Engaged

Mar. 8th, 2009 07:33 pm
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I asked Melissa to marry me Friday night, on our 2nd anniversery.

I told her I had a work event we needed to attend and she needed to dress nicely. She complied without complaint, even though she thought I either forgot our anniversery or double-booked it. I hustled her out the door and on the way I declared I needed some chai to wake me up and we stopped by Fireside.

Two years prior we had our first date and it started there. After getting our chai we headed downtown. I abruptly pulled over and we went down to the waterfront (which was where we spent the remainder of our first date). We walked along the pier and down to the bench where we first cuddled. I asked her there, at the same location where I made her twitterpated that first night. She said yes.

Melissa will post a photo of the ring at some point, I'm sure.

Afterwards we headed over to PCG where my father pulled some strings with the general manager to get us reserved window seats. During the dinner rush on friday night, that was somewhat of a herculean feat and I owe him. We had a wonderful dinner and went home.

The next morning we headed out to the coast and stayed at a resort in Cannon Beach. It was lovely... well the hotel was lovely. The beach was inhabitable because it was heavily snowing and hailing! In March! So we spent most of it inside. Hehe! (Funny side note, I offered Melissa the choice between the mountain or the beach... Due to weather we kind of got both!)

So now things are real we've started planning and are figuring out things like locations, dates, and the like. We're thinking that we'll do it in May of 2010.

So there you have it. ;)

Thank. God.

Feb. 6th, 2009 08:07 am
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Where have you been, sir? The GOP has been getting a free pass all week.
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Paypal just notified me that I have a $0.02 balance. I have had that for at least 5 years, since I never use the service.

So here is my question to you...

How should I utilize my new found wealth?
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It was a success. Fun was had by all, I think.

There were some seriously ugly sweaters out there. Oddly, I think the best outfit of the night was worn by someone who wasn't even wearing a sweater. ;)
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So tonight we go out searching for Ugly Sweaters. I'm hoping to find a horrendous cardigan that lights up. Afterwards, we'll hopefully have enough time to get cheesey Sears photos in the aforementioned sweaters (maybe with the dog). I'm currently lobbying for us to be blinking in said photos.

Tomorrow we're throwing the Ugly Sweater Party. My goal is to get everyone so liquored up that they go out carolling. Not just any carolloing. I want them singing "Last Christmas" by WHAM!

In other news, you should see our apartment. It's so christmassy it's crazy. Our tree is over 9' tall, there are decorations all over the place. For someone who generally hates Christmas, I seem to be kind of into it this year.

I think Melissa and I have become one of those couples. *laugh*
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That is all.
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The best Rock Band 2 costume... ever.

Seriously, you can try to top that... but you can't. It's just too retarded/awesome.
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I now have the New Xbox Experience on my 360. It's interesting. Honestly, I'm mostly just thrilled about having streaming Netflix on my tv. :D
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Melissa and I were playing Left 4 Dead on the highest difficulty. It was rough. By the time that the safe house was in sight, it became clear to me that most, if not all, of us were going to die before we got there. I was presented with two options.

1) Die side-by-side with my friends and lady, in a noble fight, or

2) Run into the safe house while the zombies are focused on attacking them.

I legged it.

I got into the room, slammed the door shut, and ignored the cries of my former friends (now likely zombies) as they died. I probably also ate sandwich after it faded to black. It was hungry work.

Melissa then respawned in the safe house. I grabbed the nearest shotgun and blew her head off.

"WHY!?! Why would you do that?"
"... You just died, but you were walking around... Zombie!"

So it turns out that I'll likely survive quite a while during a zombie apocalypse if my friends don't kill me for fear of my ruthlessness.
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Love it. Seriously, love it. I didn't hate the law, I just hated plaintiffs work. I even recommended law as an option to [ profile] chemical_ike. Something I never would have done before switching sides. Plaintiffs work is just too... sharky. It was soul-sucking and I couldn't, in good conscience, recommend it to anyone. Defense is hard, and requires a lot of work and time, but it is much more satisfying. Also, being in a small firm is pure <3. It's the difference between being an infantry man in a large army and being a team member in delta squad. There are orders, but there is also freedom and discussion. It's great.

Melissa and The One Ring
I haven't found a ring yet. I am mocked at work for being "almost engaged... kinda... nearly..." The boss even told a few big-wigs at the last mediation about it. "Jamie is the only guy I've met who has an almost-fiance." But I haven't found a ring yet that seems right. Seriously, it's just the ring. We've even figured out the time-frame for the event. That's the messed up thing about all of this. A small material object is slowing everything down, ironic since it is the materialistic aspect of this whole process that I've always complained about. But damnit, ring shopping is HARD! And let me tell you something else, those people in the jewelry shops look at you like you're fresh meat when you walk in the door. "Oooo a man on his own... I can probably sell him a tin ring for 10k!" Personally, I dig on titanium and tungsten, but those are impossible to find. White gold rubs off, platinum chips and warps. It's hard to figure out even what metal to use. I'm starting to think tin and CZ are the way to go. ;)

Made home made mac and cheese. It was awesome. However, whereas the rest of humanity is comprised of 99% of empty space (look it up), I have filled those gaps and am comprised of 99% cheese and butter. I'm fairly certain that if I go outside, I'm going to be chased down the street by a pack of hungry dogs and fat people who crave my buttery flesh. In short, I think my mac and cheese might start a zombie apocalypse.

Why is everyone hating on this season? I have never liked the show. Seriously, if you talk to just about anyone, I've been what you might call "a hater" for quite a while. This season actually turned me around on it. What they've done with Sylar, in particular, made me smile. Good vs. Evil is boring and cliche. And also, unrealistic. The world is grey, not black and white. People do very wicked things, but always for some reason that goes beyond "I'M THE BOOGEY MAN!" And sometimes people pull a Javert, and go evil simply because they are too self-righteous and unwavering with a code. So this season is touching on that, and is getting darker. I dig on the new darker theme. As for the writing, it still feels like a high schooler wrote most of the dialogue, but that's nothing new. So I am honestly baffled why it seems that everyone but me loved it while the show sucked, and now it has gotten better I'm the only one who likes it.

This show is awesome. Jimmy Smitts is an excellent addition. Watch it right now. Seriously, fake sick, go home, and watch it.

Gears of War 2
Turns out that Melissa and I are killing machines. We tore through the locust hordes with wild abandon. We, in short, rock at this game. I think we'll have to play the first game together, so she can hear Cole-Train rap. Yeah, we are that geek couple. We headshot together. Heh.

Blessed Be
Years ago I got into a flame war with a dude who ended it by sending me a flame that concluded with "blessed be." I thought this might be the most douchey thing I'd ever encountered and mocked it for ages. Well, I met him at Kat's party a couple weeks ago. Turns out I like the guy and will probably be going to a cocktail party he's hosting. Heh, who knew?

Old Friends
Saw [ profile] chemical_ike this week. It hammered home two things... 1) we've all changed a LOT! It isn't obvious when I talk to people I always talk to (read: Jeff and Jabby), but when I see people I haven't seen in over 6 years, it become very clear. Big changes. 2) It is important to have old friends. It keeps you connected to where you came from, and gives you perspective. Also, it's just kind of fun to talk shit about the old days. Heh.

We win. :D

Nov. 5th, 2008 07:36 am
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It's a good feeling to be involved in something from the ground floor, from day one, and win despite everyone saying "Oh it'll never happened. [insert name] already has it locked up and Obama would get crushed in a general election."

So... HAH!

And while I spend today glowing (and gloating) here's something funny. Click here.

Party idea

Nov. 3rd, 2008 08:00 am
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My goth douche bag costume was a rousing success... so I had an idea for a party.

Douche Bags and Cougars.

Lets face it, they tend to go together (see Ashton) so why not have a party that's themed that way?

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This totally reminds me of the Kevin James flagellation.
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If things keep going this way, I'll be able to buy the 4000 sq foot home for a couple pixie sticks and a wooden nickel!
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