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Isn't that a great photo of me and grandad? I have an excellent one of him and my grandmother when they were really young, but for some reason my scanner isn't co-operating. Anyway, you can really see the gypsy in him, can't you? He's from the gypsy/english side of my family, obviously. :D For the uninitiated, my mother's side (grandad's side) is english and gypsy... my father's side is welsh. Yeah, yeah, it's true, I'm more mutt-ish than I let on. I'm only half welsh. The rest of british and gypsy.

I'm not sick anymore. I was worried it might have been Norovirus, which had an outbreak at their complex, but it wasn't. It also wasn't a bad batch of curry, because Jovon was fine. So that's good news.

Less than a week till commencement. I can't wait to see you all. :D
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He died in his sleep at 4:50pm today. My grandmother and I were with him.

I checked his vitals. I've never touched a dead body before. It's shocking how solid and heavy they feel. The fact that life has left is so tangible and so real.

My mother and grandmother were sobbing. I wasn't. I was happy. He was finally free. And think about how tough he was. He promised he'd make it through to the end of law school and he added 6 days to that amount. Tough as fucking nails.

When I drove home I put on U2's Vertigo and cheered for him. I'm so happy for him.


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